The mini dons Mission

The Mini Dons Program is a community engagement fundraising series of workshops, clinics and camps hosted by the Acalanes High School Spirit Program. The primary intent is for our High School Spirit Athletes to develop skills such as leadership, mentoring, organizational, deadline planning, operational, growth mindset, strong work ethic, integrity, positive focus under pressure and perseverance. The Cheerleaders also gain confidence while sharing the sport they love with our local youth community!

For the Minis, the long-term effect helps create positive youth that will hopefully be the leaders in celebrating teammates and classmates no matter the activity or social circle. And for those that become Big Dons, they’ll have priceless Mini memories!

Big Dons Gratitude!

The Acalanes High School Spirit Program is primarily self-funded by Student-Driven Fundraising & Parent Contributions. The program utilizes different fundraising strategies to ease the financial burden on families and grow our Student Athletes in the process. We appreciate your support and sharing this opportunity with our High Schoolers.