The Acalanes Spirit Program is proud to launch our New Winter Team!

It's time to unleash our mad dance skills and show the stands what we've got! AHS Spirit is launching our NEW Winter Dance Song Pom Team starting 2019-20 season! We'll be supporting Boys & Girls Varsity basketball teams from the stands and busting out moves during pre-game, timeouts and halftime entertainment. And if the skillz are that killer, we may even have a competition squad!

Role of Skills Dance Song Pom Team

  • The primary purpose of the Dance Song Pom Team is to give AHS Students skilled in Dance, the opportunity to support their fellow classmates through Dance Performance. 
  • The Team supports an athletic team from the stands and provides dance entertainment during pre-game, timeouts and halftime of a game.
  • Represents at AHS rallies & events and makes community appearances.  
  • The Team's dance style will primarily focus on hip hop, jazz and may include, jumps, kicks, aerial tumbling and basic or non-release stunts/lifts. 


We welcome, encourage and celebrate all genders.

This region is rich in dance development for all genders. Time to show off that hard work and celebrate what you got! No formal studio training needed, but be ready to show us your positivity and effort. Be prepared to be blown away by the skills that you didn't know your classmates have!


When does the Winter Song Dance Pom team perform?

Girls & Boys Basketball Regular Season

2019-2020 Basketball Regular League Season runs from January through mid-February. Games may be any weekday (not just Fridays).  Playoffs continue through  mid-March; should the teams continue into play-offs, the Coaching Staff and Athletic Director will discuss AHS Spirit representation.

AHS Rallies, Special Events & Community Engagement

The Winter Dance Song Pom Team will also be required to participate in AHS rallies, AHS-related events and where agreed upon by the Coaching Staff. AHS Spirit Athletes may also be asked to participate in Spring or End of Year rallies.

When are the practices?

Practice needs are determined by Coaching Staff throughout the season. Target practice start is early November after Final Team Selection (official start is subject to Fall Football post-regular season play). Pre-season days typically runs 3 Days. Practices are held in the evenings for two hours; school events may require the Team to practice with Leadership before school starts. Regular season practice will run 2-3 days a week depending on Squad sizes and assigned game day of week. Special performance events may require additional practices. Practices are mandatory and absences require clearance by Coaches. Practices can run during vacation breaks as allowed per AUHSD, AHS Athletics and DAL rules.

How many squads will there be?

Junior Varsity + Varsity or Equivalent

Final roster and skill set will determine squad distribution. Games can be any weekday. Squads may be broken up into JV / Varsity, by age or even skill set. Squad setup is at the discretion of the Coaching Staff.

Competition Squad TBD

The Winter Dance Song Pom Team is rated a Performance Team. If the skills are that killer, meet competition level standards, and schedule permits, a Competition Squad will be formed! Should a Competition Squad be formed, it will follow appropriate competition governing body guidelines.


Growth Mindset

Athletes are students first. While the Acalanes Spirit Teams are a lot of fun to be part of, they are considered Teams under Acalanes Athletics and require a full season of dedication. Being part of an Acalanes Athletics Team is a heavy commitment. Students must learn to manage and balance studying with athletics. It is important Parents be supportive of Growth Mindset and encourage and support their Student Athletes in persevering and sticking with their team commitment.

Leadership & Character Development

As the primary student-driven sports program at Acalanes, we are proud to help grow our next generation of leaders.  Along with our student-driven fundraising and mentoring of younger teammates, a merit system may be implemented to help inspire accountability, character development and integrity.

Teaming up with Parents & Athletes

As a Team under Acalanes Athletics, the Team follows operational rules of Acalanes Athletics and AUHSD. Should a parent remove their Athlete from the team or an Athlete quit, the Athlete will forfeit tryout eligibility for the Team the following school year and/or Varsity eligibility for the current season. Parents are also required to respect and follow the rules the Coaching Staff, School and District set forth.

Funding the Team

Fall Sideline Cheer, Winter Dance Song Pom, and Spring Competitive Sport Cheer are separate teams and financial entities. Each team requires separate funding. We’re choosing to work as a village together through Team Fundraising and AHS Boosters. BOOSTERS + DANCE SONG POM. For 2019-2020, Boosters has requested the team step up with near 100% participation in good faith of supporting funding the team launch. Dons Show Up!


What do I need to do to participate in the Dance Song Pom Tryout Clinic?

— Register for tryouts through the TeamSnap Tryouts Registration Button at

— Download and fill out the Tryout Packet.

— Bring completed Tryout Packet Forms to the First Day of Tryouts. Both Students and Parents must sign agreements; yes, parents must be present at Day 1 Check-In to waivers & agreements with the Coaching Staff. Waivers and Agreements will be revisited at the mandatory Team & Parent meeting after Final Team Selection.

What is the DRESS CODE for Tryouts?

What to wear for Dance Song Pom Tryouts:  Black jazz or yoga pants or equivalent. White semi-fitted t-shirts. Sports bra if applicable. Bring jazz shoes if you have them; otherwise, athletic shoes (No Converse, Van's, Uggs, etc.). Dancers will not be able to participate without proper foot attire due to safety.

Hair:  Long hair must be pulled back and secured in a high pony tail or equivalent. NO bangs, please.

Safety & Appearance:  NO jewelry may be worn other than studs. Sport length nails. NO over-the-top make-up.

Do I need to attend the entire Tryout Clinic?

Yes. The clinic week is used to assess an athlete’s skill set as well as ability to apply immediate direction under pressure. Character and positive interaction with potential teammates is also observed. Schedule exceptions will only be allowed at the Coaching Staff’s discretion and Coaches will need proof of conflict. Please reach out to the Coaching Staff at for schedule conflicts.

Can I just attend a day of the Tryout Clinic to see if I will like it?

No. The Tryout Clinic is intended for those that want to earn a place on the Dance Song Pom Team. Please reach out to the Coaching Staff at for any questions.

Are there cuts?

Yes. An athlete offered a spot on the team will show solid technique, coordination, rhythm, character and ability to apply direction immediately under pressure — qualities and skills needed so they can hit the ground running Practice Day 1. An athlete not as skilled, but showing diligence, heart and growth potential, may also be offered a spot.

Unlike the teams that practice No Cut policies or pack extra large rosters, AHS Spirit believes ALL of our team should be performing or competing unless injured or benched; larger teams most typically only play their key athletes. 

Which genders are allowed to try out?

This is an all gender team! That means we encourage EVERYONE to try out. You see the rallies. The students busting a move aren't just girls. Fall Sideline & Winter Dance Song Pom are ALL GENDER; Spring Competitive Sport Cheer is rated a Girl's Varsity Sport but allows those that do not indentify as female to participate as spotters, junior coaches, team managers and announcers!


DAY 1 — Mandatory Parent & Athlete Check-In


REQUIRED — Parent /Guardians and their Dancers must Check-In. 

They will review agreements and waivers with AHS Coaching Staff.

Dancers will be assigned a number they use throughout the Tryout Week.

5:30-7:30PM — Dancers will learn material.

DAY 2 — Learn Material

5:15PM — Dancer Check-In. 

5:30-7:30PM — Dancers will continue learn material.

DAY 3 — Review Material + Tryouts

5:15PM — Dancer Check-In.

5:30-6:30PM — Dancers will review material.

6:30PM-7:30PM — Group tryouts. Tryouts may run over anticipated time window.

— All tryout days are Closed Session. This means no spectators. —

registration & tryout PACKET

Please Register & Download Tryout Packet.

  • Click REGISTER NOW to create a TEAMSNAP account, DOWNLOAD the Tryout Packet and COMPLETE REGISTRATION.
  •  Athletes and Parents must read through the Tryout Packet Together. Athlete and Parent signatures required.  
  • Parent/Guardian & Athletes must bring packet together to Training Tryout Day 1 Check-In  on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 5:00pm.
  • Athletes will not be able to try out unless one Parent/Guardian is present at Check-In.
  • Registration and Tryouts DO NOT guarantee a spot on the 2019-2020 Winter Song Pom Team.
  • For schedule challenges, please reach out immediately to the Coaching Staff: