2019 Spring CSC Tryouts — Women's Varsity Competitive Sport Cheer 1/28, 30, 31!

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2019 Winter Basketball Mini Dons Youth Cheer Clinic! Clinic Days 1/21 & 1/23 + Game 1/25.

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Sideline + Sport Cheer

Sideline Cheer


  • Follows Fall Football & Winter Basketball schedules
  • Does NOT fall under CIF approved sports
  • Recommended that coaches comply with CIF Coaching Certification and Safety Requirements
  • Cheering for another athletic team at a school site athletic event (Game, match, meet, etc.)
  • Co-ed

Competitive Sport Cheer (CSC)


  • Spring Sport
  • Falls under CIF approved Sports
  • Coaches MUST comply with CIF Coaching Certification and Safety Requirements
  • Head-to-head competition with objective judging
  • Submitted as "Emerging Sport" to NCAA
  • Recognized as a Women’s Sport under CIF, state and national high school sports
  • Recently resubmitted to the NCAA for "emerging sport" status



Cheers for both Fall Football & Winter Basketball seasons.  Practice starts immediately after spring tryouts the school year prior. Tryout packet & contracts will be uploaded April 2019. 


Women's Varsity CSC tryouts are January 2019 for the Spring Sport Cheer 2019 season. Click for tryout information packet & contract.

Mini-Dons Youth Clinics


Spend 3 practice nights learning routines. Cheer with AHS !Cheerleaders on the sidelines for 1st half of game. Perform on the field at halftime! Stay tuned for 2019 Fall Clinic.


Spend 2 practice evenings learning routines. Cheer from the stands for 1st half of game. Perform on court at halftime! 2019 Winter Clinic is set for 1/21 & 23, with game day on 1/25.

2019 Winter Clinic Registration

Flocking & Fundraising


Sponsor an entire flock of lawn flamingos or gift a single lawn flamingo. The AHS Cheer Flamingo Relocation Team will bring the critters to your designated recipient's lawn. They'll sit their until we move them. Heehee. Summer Flocking is here!

Cheerleading is an expensive sport that relies on outside funding. For the families of Acalanes High School Cheer in Lafayette, most cost is out-of-pocket. After uniform and skill development training camps, athlete contributions are supplemented by team fundraising and funding from Acalanes Boosters.

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